Thursday, January 29, 2009

Working On A Dream Tour

"What am I'm gonna wear? Okay... stay calm!! Comfortable shoes... Oh, I should get my hair done... hmm... So many thing to do and so little time... just a couple months and couple days!!! Wait... I'll need tickets!!!" I'm so excited!!!

I guess by now you've heard the news!!! Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band are touring again!! And It looks like a pretty full schedule but thankfully there are holes that could be filled with some of the locations closer to my hometown!! The Ohio/Michigan area as well as Buffalo/Rochester were not included in the dates that were announced this last week... but I have faith that they will be added to this tour... Anyhow, It looks like I'll be travelling this leg... I just haven't decided where in the US yet. I am definitely going to follow The "Dream" Tour to Europe!! Anyone else?? I just hope that I'm not going all the way to Dublin for 1 show and that at least 2 more get added!! But like I said, my faith is high... I'm so looking forward to Rome/Turin/Udine!! I simply love the Italian fans! I hope some day Bruce takes me to Sicily, too!! We are gonna have so much fun!! Keep your eyes open for 4 way overly happy women and say "Hello!!" I have a new camera that takes video, too!! (But my hands tremble when I see him so we'll have to see... maybe this time they won't... or maybe Rachel should take the pictures?!!) :) I just want to say: God Bless Patti... how does she put up with us silly girls? But it's not my fault it's Bruce's... His new album leaves me feeling giddy... like maybe love is... real.

Anyway... I'm not sure what songs I'll be adding... it's totally up to Bruce!!

But here is the index: Working On A Dream Tour

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Anonymous said...

some thoughts for you;

Life Itself & Kingdom of Days;

These songs are like two bookends. Life itself seems to uncover the Dark Side; the life squandered...
the question asked. Is it worth it? Was there value..any Love..Truth? He holds to the little black book
of secrets and ponders his destruction. The leaves on the black trees.

Then comes acceptance...all we have IS the Kingdom of we use them..what remains to
make of them? Instead of dark or death or destruction there is revelation. Sail on..he sings..sail on!