Monday, January 5, 2009

The Main Point ~ 1975

I would think that everybody has a "Lost on a Deserted Island" CD... but most Bruce fans would agree that it is near to impossible to pick just one of his discs if you were asked to... but what if you were forced to?? Could you do it?? I could... without hesitation!! In my opinion my choice captures the essence of Bruce's novel... and of all of the boots that I have listened to this one is the most colorfully energized yet delicate... it draws you into another world with the music alone... I've never heard such beautiful drumming!! This is one of those "Wish I was there" shows.,,, but since I'm bordering on breaking my own rule that prohibits me from reviewing a show I did not attend... I'll stop typing and let the show speak for itself... but first... to quote the bible... "man does not live by bread alone..." he needs The Main Point boot!!

If you would like this show on Mp3... you can find it here...
A special "Thanks!!" to VillaPark88 for all his time manning this index!

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