Thursday, August 4, 2011

"He loved me like I didn't believe a man could."

He walked into the restaurant and said:
"Thank you for brining beauty into my day" and handed me a flower.
These were the very first words my dear husband spoke to me.
He was the one who brought beauty into my life
and lives of so many people all over the world.....

He brought strength, willpower and wisdom.
He spoke a universal language that people all over the world understood.
When he made a promise to me he made a promise to God.
He loved with all his heart and a kind word.

He made us laugh and made us cry.
Despite of his status he didn't realize what a special human being he was.

Whenever I felt down he would ask me if he did something wrong.
I would look at him and say you have been loving me and taking care of me,
that is all you have done. He would smile.

He would say "If you ever stop loving me, please tell me."
I would reply: "You tell me if you stop loving me."
Behind his powerful frame there was a 16-year-old boy
asking a girl to go on a date. And we did.
The date turned into a love story that I will never be able to describe
to anyone who wasn't a part of it. Thank you for being part of it.

My husband enriched my life enormously by sharing his family and friends.
I am paying a tribute to my dear husband in my heart.
He loved me like I didn't believe a man could.
I'll cherish my memories of our life together --
the struggles we have been through, the laughs we had
and the world we created where our dedication to each other had no boundaries....

I will never stop loving you...

Victoria Clemons