Thursday, October 25, 2012

Barracudas in the USA!!

     Finally, those four precious words that I had been waiting to hear for so long:  "Mom, can I go?"  "You WANT to go?" I asked... "Sure..."  It was that easy!  I loaned Sierra Rachel's cap (since Rachel couldn't make the trip over from Holland this time) and Sierra became our newest cuda-cub!!
We'd be meeting the Barracudas (my beloved Italians) in Charlottesville @ 2pm to get our  "lucky" lottery wristbands... Helene didn't have a ticket yet but was coming anyway to celebrate our good friend, Leticia's birthday! Her daughter would ride with her and bring little Cita (Helene's granddaughter) for a visit!  It was sure to be a lovely time!!  We so hoped for great spots "in" the pit for the celebration... fingers crossed!  Sierra was so excited to meet my friends... packed and ready, we got on the road early.  News had spread that Bruce would be playing at the rally to re-elect Obama at 3, so we'd need to get bands closer to 1pm to get to the rally and back in time for the lottery drawing... but that wouldn't work out for me... I had promised to pick Leticia up at the airport at 1:50.  We would wait for Leticia and skip the rally but insisted that the others go to support Obama!  ;)

     The ride over the mountain was lovely... the trees just barely hanging on to their leaves as autumn days turn cold... the fog sitting on the mountain was gorgeous as the sun broke through the trees over the horizon.  Just one more stop to freshen up and put on our concert outfits and back on the road!  We arrived only 20 minutes after the Barracudas!  Ale's face was the first I saw, his smile brighter than the sunshine!  He pointed me to where the others were parked!

There they were: my dear friends; Silvia, Robi and Vanessa, with her beautiful red hair!!  Hugs and kisses, gifts and TICKETS were given out!  A special gift from Matteo & Silvia... so sweet!  

Oh my goodness and my new Barracuda shoes!! Beautiful!! So much love and smiles it felt like Italy in the USA!  Thank you my special friends!!   Ale gave Sierra her own official cap and T-shirt!!  (She giggled), so cute... I could tell that she understood  my love for my Barracuda friends!!

It was soon time for Barracudas to get their wristbands and go to  support our President's re-election and hear Bruce's Forward! Sierra and I went looking for the airport which was very conveniently located right down the road... but now time is ticking and the plane is late... by 20 minutes... then more... and now traffic has thickened - so with Leticia-cuda on board we're trying to decide if we should check into our room which is 10 minutes walk from the Arena or pay for parking and get our wristbands before 4 pm... it's now 3:15... What should we do??  We decide to check-in and standing there with our hands full of luggage we find that the rooms are not ready yet and they can't give us our parking pass until the room is ready... so we wait on pins and needles... watching the clock, willing for it to slow itself!!  Will we make it back to the venue by 4:00?  Cut off time for wristbands? Room key in hand, we head to room 408 at 3:40... Sierra changes into her (orange) "Italian Fucking Die Hards in the USA" T-shirt and we head back to the arena to meet Helene who has found a ticket but is still frantically trying to get through traffic to get there as the clock ticks down... her daughter, Donna, who was just with her for the ride, jumps out of the car and runs down the block to the wristband line and gets her a wristband with us at 3:58pm... #557, 558, 559 & 560.  Helene-cuda parks the car and pours us all a quick glass of wine to toast Leticia's birthday... the celebration begins!! 
     While we waited we made a plan as to where we would stand (in back) after we lose the lottery!!  It was decided, we would go to the back platform to help Bruce crowd surf...  The Italian Barracudas were back from the rally with great smiles and happy hearts and I could tell it was a great experience for them.  Too bad they can't vote in the USA!!  :)  Ale showed me his number #107... we wished each other luck!!  I look up to see Sara Tersetti's beautiful face as she is walking toward us!!  More hugs and love from Italy!!  What a great day, indeed!!
     It's time... and Tom uses his mega-phone to get the crowd lined up in numerical order as we await the lucky (or should we say - unlucky) number... and we were informed that only 500 would be in the pit.  Sierra is disappointed that we were so late getting there cause our number was after what she thought was the cut off.  I then explained that what ever number Tom called would become number #1.  WE all hold our breath as he calls the number:  556!!!!!!  AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!  We scream into each others' faces!!!  I look at my band just to confirm 558!!!!!!  OMG!!!  We are going in 3, 4, 5 & 6!!!!!  (555 got in with his wife)...   I wave to Ale, WE'RE IN, WE'RE IN!!!  He waves back!!  The line begins to move and we past the Italian Barracudas stopping to scream face to face with them as they celebrate that we're going in first!!! I catch Sara's joyful face once more as we're being escorted in!  She throws a cheer my way!!  Tom teases Sierra that it must have been her luck cause I'm never this lucky!!  I share a quick hello with Tony as we enter the pit and he, too is surprised at my luck... but my luck was just about to get BETTER!!  #1 & 2 go to the front corner leaving the center platform wide open for Barracudas!!!!  BARRACUDAS FRONT & CENTER!!!

We rejoice and my head spins with excitement... I try to calm my nerves...  I get on my tippy toes and search for the orange "Italian Fucking Die Hard" T-shirts and finally I spot Silvia in front of the platform to the left!!  BARRACUDAS LEFT FRONT!!!  Lights go down... music begins... and there he is... the icing on Leticia's birthday cake!!

Sierra's smile was priceless!!  Barracudas & Bruce - Forever!!  

more to come...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

This Is My Confession

         Thank you, Bruce.


Baby, I've been down, but never this down
I've been lost, but never this lost

This is my confession
I need your heart in this depression
I need your heart...

Baby, I've been low, but never this low
I've had my faith shaken but never hopeless

This is my confession
I need your heart in this depression
I need your heart...

I haven't always been strong, but never felt so weak
All of my prayers, gone for nothing
I've been without love, but never forsaken
Now the morning sun, the morning sun is breaking

This is my confession
I need your heart in this depression
I need your heart...

This is my confession
I need your heart in this depression
I need your heart...

This is my confession
I need your heart in this depression
I need your heart...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Record Breaking E Street Band in Helsinki

Playing for over 4 hours,
Bruce and The E Street Band
Thank their loyal fans in Helsinki

Pre- show treat:  18:30
Bruce comes out early to "Thank fans for following" him on tour...

3.  No Surrender
4.  For You

19:53 Helsinki Begins

2. Night
3. Out In The Street
4.  Loose Ends
5.  We Take Care of Our Own
6.  Prove It All Night (78 Intro)
7.  Wrecking Ball
8.  Death To My Hometown
9.  My City of Ruins
10.  Does This Bus Stop @ 82nd Street?  (request)
11.  Be True
12.  Jack of All Trades
13.  Downbound Train
14.  Because The Night
15.  Lonesome Day
16.  Darlington County
17.  Light Of Day (request)
18.  Shackled & Drawn
19.  Waitin' On a Sunny Day
21.  The Rising
22.  Badlands
23.  Land of Hope & Dreams
24.  We Are Alive
25.  Born In The USA
26.  Born To Run
28.  Glory Days
29.  Dancing In The Dark
30.  Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
31.  I DON'T WANNA GO HOME (request)
33.  Twist & Shout  (song ends @ 23:57)

Bruce mentions the 4 hour mark and leaves stage @ 23:59

4 hours & 6 minutes

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shackled & Drawn to Europe


IN SHACKLED & Drawn Cindy says it best... "it's all about love, Love, LOVE!!"   Not about who jumps higher or sings louder... or who knows more about Bruce & his band... but it's about the love that we feel in and from a crowd, that love must be unconditional... and when it is that crowd's LOVE lifts the band higher, as we throw our energy at the stage to be used by the band anyway the band sees fit!   The fans welcomed me open armed with embraces that last even now, one month later!  It's not all about me, Bruce or his band, it's about US!  It's about LOVE.  

If you can find that crowd in the USA then you have found a rare and beautiful thing and you are truly blessed!!   I've found THAT crowd in 9 cities out of 9 visited in Europe this tour... a crowd that fed the band love, Love, LOVE!!  So "stand up and be counted" Europe!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bruce Proves It ALL Night!!

To Barcelona

And to Manchester!

                                                 I somehow missed BOTH!!!
A special THANK YOU to the youtube tapers!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's HOT in Sevilla!!


1. Badlands
2. We Take Care of Our Own
3. Wrecking Ball
4. The Ties That Bind
5. Death to My Hometown
6. My City of Ruins
7. Trapped
8. Out In The Street
9. Jack of All Trades
10. Candy's Room
11. She's The One
12. Darlington County
13. Shackled & Drawn
14. Waitin' On a Sunny Day
15. The Promised Land
16. The Way You Do The Things You Do/634-5789
17. Because the Night
18. The Rising
19. Lonesome Day
20. We Are Alive
21. Land of Hope & Dreams

22. Rocky Ground
24. Born To Run
25.Dancing in the Dark
26.Bobby Jean
27.Tenth Avenue Freeze Out


Thank you for the videos, Stian257... They are wonderful!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wrecking Ball Hits Seville

Starting the European Leg of the Wrecking Ball Tour off right, 
Bruce shows up a day early in Seville and gives media a mini-concert, soundcheck!!

‎19:03 CET

1. We Take Care
2. Death to My Hometown
3. Rocky Ground
4. Thunder Road
5. Waitin. on Sunny Day
6. I'm Goin' Down
7. The Promise
8. Shackled and Drawn
9. Apollo Medley (stop start while they iron out problems apparently)
10. We Are Alive

20:32 CET 

Translated from Pointblank

Bruce Springsteen rehearses in Seville to the press

At 7 o'clock in the afternoon today Bruce Springsteen appeared on stage at the Olympic Stadium in Seville . With black shirt, jeans and sunglasses gave final instructions to his extensive band, before embarking on the dress rehearsal of the European tour before a small audience. A few dozen journalists from across Europe (though mostly Spanish and Italian) have had access to the full test, followed by an impromptu and informal press conference.
For almost half an hour Springsteen has reviewed the repertoire of the tour and has dedicated a good portion of time to rehearse the band movements in certain songs, to decide which musician would go to the right or left of the stage, who stay with him at the center or what part of "Apollo Medley" must sing each chorus. "We Take Care Of Our Own" and "Death to my Hometown" opened fire, in the eyes of many cameras, while journalists took notes incessantly or advantage to send minicrónicas via Twitter or take pictures with their smartphones .
Minutes after the turn has come "Rocky Ground", with Michelle Moore on stage, just as in the American tour. The band keeps the same formation that has been in the U.S., except Patti Scialfa, absent this evening. Bruce commented later that Patti was at home looking after the younger son, still a teenager, and would join the tour soon.
Insistent and distant screams have broken the silence suddenly working in a large group of fans who jalebaba the artist from the windows of the hotel attached to the stadium, and within sight of it. Bruce joked with them, asked them if they wanted to hear a particular song, and then they have spent an inspired version of "Thunder Road" . The brass section has impressed more than one reporter. I really see you blow hard impose the epic end of the song, a few meters away, with the empty stadium and a very powerful and crisp sound.
"Waitin 'On A Sunny Day" marked the first encounter with the small audience. Bruce has jumped the track, has walked through the back of the pit and welcomed and shaken hands with many of the attendees, while continuing the song and even in the absence of children, was singing the chorus to a daring journalist . Easy trick, but direct, intimate and it works, which has served to create sympathy among reporters and cameras.
Here are two surprises: the rocker "I'm Goin'Down" , encouraging environment, followed by a historic moment. Bruce and the E Street Band have given us a sublime version of "The Promise". Something in his career has only happened four times in public (first show of the tour 78, performance at the carousel in Asbury Park in 2010, concert in Washington a few weeks ago, and now in Seville, in the semi-public trial to the press). Emotional and unique moment. Surprisingly, a foreign journalist asks: "Thunder Road has not played before?". We clarify the question and thanks.
"Shackled and Drawn" "The Way You Do The Things You Do" and "We Are Alive" have closed the session, after which Bruce has sat on the edge of the stage to answer questions from the press.It's been 15 minutes of questions and answers, more focused on political and social issues in music. Tomorrow, with the stadium full of fans and high expectations.


Friday, May 4, 2012

When In Rome, Do As The... Americans?

straight from:  Barley Arts (Italy)

"FOR THE FIRST TIME A LOTTERY FOR ACCESS TO PIT under the stage! "For the first time, a Democrat will draw to decide the order of access to the pit, the area of ​​the lawn closest to the stage during the "Wrecking Ball Tour" by Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, in Italy for 3 June 7 concert at the San Siro Stadium in Milan on 10 at the Stadio Franchi in Florence and 11 at the Stadio Nereo Rocco Trieste. What the United States is a well-established procedure, is realized for the first time in Europe the American way: the day of the show, fans holding a ticket LAWN, between 8.00 am and 12.00 will be distributed a coupon numbered . This will give them the opportunity to participate in the draw which conclusively establishes the order of entry into the stadium and, after delivery of an appropriate cuff, access to the pit under the stage. The procedure will give the same percentage chance of gaining access to the area closest to the stage to all those who will choose between those who have bought tickets for the lawn, without the need for night-long camps at the gates of the stadium."

Too bad... that was THE BEST PART of the whole trip!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

When Magic Happens FOR YOU!!

The Wrecking Ball Hit's LA - "Night Two"

On Andrea's Facebook wall: "At approximately 7:25pm, Bruce came out on stage with his relatives, introduced them, and proceeded to serenade us with an acoustic "FOR YOU"!! Wow, a song before the show and so casual and a wonderful surprise, surprise!!"

On Sly's Twitter: "OMG Bruce just came on stage for a little tour. Singing For You acoustic!!!" 

I was at home... :(

Thankfully quick thinking fans with cameras/phones were at the show!!

and one for Summer Breeze

And a special one from "Night One"

Thank you to all who take pictures and video tape... much love!!  

Sunday, March 18, 2012


This train's pulling into ATLANTA!!

We've got a caller!!  Dana's in ATLANTA w/two batteries!!!

I'll be streaming her call on Ustream here

Soundcheck included:

Badlands, 634-5789, Rocky Ground, BORN TO RUN, She's The One!!

1000 Wristbands given out... 350 into the pit... Lucky # drawn: #760

Philips Arena ~ Atlanta ~ March 18, 2012


1. We Take Care of Our Own
2. Wrecking Ball
3. Badlands
4. Death to My Hometown
5. My City of Ruins
6. E-Street Shuffle
7. Jack of All Trades
8. Seeds
9. Easy Money
10. Waitin' On a Sunny Day
11. The Promised Land
12. The Way You Do The Things You Do
13. 634-5789
14. Shackled & Drawn
15. Lonesome Day
16. The Rising
17. We Are Alive
18. Thunder Road

19. Rocky Ground
20. Land of Hope & Dreams
22. Dancing In the Dark
23. American Land
24. Tenth Ave Freeze Out


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rocky Ground

From WRECKING BALL... by Bruce Springsteen 

Rise up shepherd, rise up
Your flock has roamed far from the hills
The stars have faded, the sky is still
The angels are shouting "Glory Hallelujah"

We've been traveling over rocky ground, rocky ground
We've been traveling over rocky ground, rocky ground

Forty days and nights of rain have washed this land
Jesus said the money changers in this temple will not stand
Find your flock, get them to higher ground
Flood waters rising and we're Caanan bound

We've been traveling over rocky ground, rocky ground
We've been traveling over rocky ground, rocky ground
(I'm a soldier!)

Tend to your flock or they will stray
We'll be called for our service come Judgment Day
Before we cross that river wide
Blood on our hands will come back on us twice

(I'm a soldier!)

Rise up shepherd, rise up
Your flock has roamed far from the hills
Stars have faded, the sky is still
Sun's in the heavens and a new day's rising

You use your muscle and your mind and you pray your best
That your best is good enough, the Lord will do the rest
You raise your children and you teach 'them to walk straight and sure
You pray that hard times, hard times, come no more
You try to sleep, you toss and turn, the bottom's dropping out
Where you once had faith now there's only doubt
You pray for guidance, only silence now meets your prayers
The morning breaks, you awake but no one's there

(but the video's one of mine).