Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Wild & Innocent River

With Born To Run announced for most of my remaining shows... I was thrilled! That meant that there were still at least 4 or 5 more chances of getting that "interlude" in Backstreets... not to mention... I LOVE She's The One... Thunder Road... and Meeting into Jungleland... who could complain?! Not I!! Andy (from California) and Rachel (Dutchie) were coming to my place and we were going to The Garden, Cleveland & Michigan together... we didn't care what they played... we just wanted to be there. Rachel had her ticket... but Andy and I were still searching. No album had been announced... and we were confident we'd get tickets... but then before we were able Bruce and Co. make the announcement... The Wild & Innocent, and The River!! How could he do that? I was so afraid that we'd never get tickets now! This was going to be my first time ever at Madison Square Garden and I was so excited... I had heard so many wonderful stories... I just had to be there. There were only a couple roadblocks. First... the tickets and second... I'd have to go through the tunnel to get there... the only other option was the George Washington Bridge. Which we decided to take on the way... but being my first time I was in the wrong lane and we got lost... sort of... and well... it didn't take THAT much longer to get there. I didn't think we were in that big of a rush anyway... since we all had seats... oh did I tell you we got tickets? Yes... an angel... who suddenly couldn't go to the show picked me to bless!! Talk about bittersweet... I cried for him... so sorry that he would miss the show... but so happy that we now had seats! We praised God (the same God that Bruce had reminded us at GS that we don't believe in!!) :) The seats were behind the stage in section 68... right off the back left of the stage. They were great! We had a rearview... and got to look into the faces of some of the fans I had met over the last couple years of touring. Sarah and Miki from Italy, Paulien from Holland... and Killmo (Joan) from Buffalo amoung others! :) I can't say I looked at the crowd much... with such a nice view of all butts on stage!! There was so much happening on stage! Patti was there so the "set" was rearranged... Garry was over on the other side of the drums... (wish he would have been closer) and Soozie was in Garry's spot... then along the back... or was that the front... (my stage front) were the horns... Stevie came to the back often... and Bruce gave those us in back a lot of attention, too. I didn't get to see Clarence much at all... but Nils turned around now and then. Roy and Charlie were like bookends... I watched Kevin bring the different guitars for Bruce... one tech was helping Patti out and there were techs for each... bringing them what they needed... there was so much going on behind the scenes. Oh did you want to know about the show? What can I say? The Wild & Innocent... it was wonderful. The River... amazing. Would it be fair of me to tell you that "IT" was so magical that I don't want to talk about it? I just want to hold it inside and cherish it!! But I will share a video.

Not bad seats at'all... ;)

Check out for detailed set lists, great reviews and more of Guy Aceto's amazing pics!! I'll be posting more stories as I come down from my Bruce buzz. For those of you with a good eye... here I am dancing with Bruce!! lol