Sunday, January 18, 2009

"It's like when you're in love..."

The following comment came to me a few nights ago... and I wanted it to share it with you... I think it would be so nice if Bruce could hear just how sweet his "Dream" album is to us...

"I keep on listening to it... My thoughts... Well. First of all, right now I love this album in its entirety. I absolutely love the arrangements, particularly the strings, they have some kind of soothing effect to me, I don't know how to explain it, they seem to hit straight at my heart... Maybe I'm just too sensitive these days :) I'll say it like that: I feel this record is too big right now to be able to express the richness of feelings it gives to me. It's like when you're in love, you know what you feel, but can you express it in words? Impossible :) you can express some of it, but not the whole thing. My favorites? Right now I have Queen and Kingdom of Days on top, just a bit above Outlaw Pete, What Love Can Do, This Life, The Last Carnival and Good Eye. I mean these are the songs that really let me *soar* when I listen to them...But I love the whole album so far." ~ Raff

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