Monday, January 5, 2009

Every Breath You Take

It's Coffee Time w/ Bruce!!

The kids are back in school!! God Bless the TEACHERS!! Now, before I go running off to start a busy day of catching up on everything I couldn't do over the holidays... I thought I'd do a little youtube surfing and I came upon a sweet youtube that I thought I'd share with ya! Some things are unforgettable as they should be remembered forever... Like this little ditty!!

Sting and his "Amigo" Bruce for Amnesty 1988.

Although I enjoy watching Bruce sing "Every Breath You Take" with Sting... I need to say that this lyric is quite frightning. :o "I'll be watching you." The thought of that leaves me feeling sort of creepy... I mean... it's one thing to follow someone's music and/or tours but "every breath... every step... every move?" That's WAAAAY overboard!!! It may sound rather intriguing to be loved/admired/desired with such dedication... it's a bit obsessive don't you think?

That said: Does anyone know where Bruce is today?!!

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