Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Spirit of God in Bruce's Music

This last week I was blessed with the opportunity to listen to a good friend of Bruce's, who happens to be a priest in New Jersey, speak about the Spirit of God in Bruce's music... it was at Saint Barnabas in Bayville... where Father Kevin J. Keelen presented:
“The Spirituality of Bruce Springsteen – An Evening of Rock & Roll Reflection”
Joking, on our way into the Church, I commented that I hoped the walls wouldn't fall in on me... having been thrown out of the last church I attended, Rachel, who was visiting from Holland, chuckled... commenting that she was committing "sin" by entering in... being Jewish and all. The walls were sure to crumble in on us! But I think Helene was/is Catholic, so her God had our backs! It was a wonderful "service" and a lovely session, filled with Spirit & Light... and Bruce's music. The reflections shared totally captured the heart of not only the Catholic Social Teachings but the heart of a man who understands the spirit of a loving God rather than a man who merely talks his faith without walking it.
- Father Keelen focused upon the Paschal Mystery and theology behind two of Springsteen’s albums, “The Ghost of Tom Joad” (1995) and “The Rising” (2002).

“Bruce is a Catholic and deeply spiritual; his music reflects a lot of Catholic social teaching,”

"It's not as much about Bruce (no offense) as about his art... not so much the person but about what he's created."
Many times Bruce's fans have question Bruce's spirituality... and I've wondered if they could be right. Is it all lip service? Is it just religious imagery used as a stage prop... or is Bruce the man that I see in his music... and in his eyes? Rather than try to summarize... you can listen to Father Kevin's reflections and decide for yourself.

After meeting Bruce's friend and priest... basking in his smile as he chatted with my friends... knowing that this is the type of man that Bruce discusses God with... and then spending a few minutes chatting with Mrs. Springsteen... who is as dear and kind as her sweet son... and just as adorable! I am sure and very happy to know (in my heart) that Bruce Springsteen is the real deal.