Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Cure For Our Wounds

Corrado shared a few of his thoughts on The Last Carnival... I'd like to share them with you:

"... Well... what I can say after this great video... It's difficult, but I feel that I need to... I think it resumes what is the essence of words like friendship, brotherhood, love, loss, and it's like to realize that something has gone forever... It's hard, but the strange is that I like to feel this... it's sad, it's like to open again wounds, our own wounds, but we need to feel this... we need it 'cause this let us feel alive. Everyone has something hard in his past, something very hidden inside, something very difficult to heal. But, perhaps, it's fair that this can't be healed, 'cause it's something necessary to balance us with all that we have around. Too often we loose the ability to feel us really "tuned" with life, with people, or with ourselves too. Well, this song, this video, this feeling are more than a song, a video, a feeling... They are what we really should be... It's a sad song, full of love and pain, but it's a song on something very rare in life, very precious, essential, something that can be defined with the word "consciousness". Consciousness of what we have in life, of what we can loose, of what will not come back. If we try to find this consciousness, we try to find some "peace", a cure for our wounds. Hugs!" ~ Corrado

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Deep thoughts & a wonderful song for Danny. Thanx!