Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Doctor is IN!

Who needs a therapist when we've got Doctor Bruce?!! Not I!! His thoughts are amazing... It's funny how ya go through life hoping to find another person, or people, who are "on the same page" so to speak... who think... beyond this dimension. Perhaps it's more common in "other" lands... far away from the roads I've taken. lol Anyhow... what I'm trying to say is: What a great "thinker" our stinker is!! But you knew that... right?

Did you also know that Bruce did an awesome interview with the BBC that touches on many of the "issues" you/me/he/we deal with in life and love? He lets us peek into his relationships, remarking on how love transcends time. This is really good stuff!! I highly recommend this interview...

Be good now... and take your medicine!!


Anonymous said...

I dig your blog, and those legs are killer!

Anonymous said...

Nice legs, babe, and the blogs good too. Thanks.