Thursday, July 10, 2008

You Hurt Me in Den Haag


Scheveningen is a small yet very beautiful little fisherman's town... it is part of Den Haag but a paradise of it's own. It's quiet peacefulness was it's main allure to me. As we strolled up the beach toward the tiny little town... Alex shared with me about the anguish in the hearts of the fisherman's wives as their husbands would go off to sea... some never to return home. It touched me profoundly that in this Dutchman's world it was the woman's heart that was honored with a statue in this dreamland.

As the wife looks out over the sea watching for her husbands return...
Scheveningen calls out for mine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina,

What a great time we had with you in Schevenignen. My family belongs to an old Scheveningen family. My grandfather owned six fishing trawlwers. My great great great great grandfather drowned at sea at the age of 32 leaving behind a pregnant wife and four children. I am a descendent of the second of the four children, my great great great grandmother. I still have the billiard balls and the metal whiskey flask of my great great great great grandfather.

The statue of the woman represents every woman in Scheveningen who has waited in vain for her husband or son to come home after all the women had gone home with their husbands and sons who returned from fishing.

Hugs and kisses,


Gina said...

Hi Rachel,

It was so wonderful seeing a piece of your world. I love your homeland... and I especially love you!! Thanks for everything you've done, given, and shown me. I can't wait to return!!

I will think of your great great great great grandfather and grandmother every time I look at my pictures of Scheveningen.


surfraptor said...

When I lived in The Hague we would go to the beach in Scheveningen.

Nice what you said about a woman's heart ... should be more of those statues all over the globe ...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, Surf!
So true...

You are so blessed!!