Thursday, July 10, 2008

Den Haag

Den Haag is the actual seat of the government
yet unexpectedly, it not the official capital of the Netherlands,
a role set aside by the Dutch constitution for Amsterdam.

What I found interesting was that is customary that the Queen of Holland is not allowed to give her opinion in public... but rather she is expected to share her views with the Prime Minister and if he likes her ideas he is free to use them but is not required to listen to nor follow her advice.

Another really cool thing about this little area is that this had been a courtyard of a castle which was like a fortress with wall surrounding.

Alex pointed out the little spout that would be used if under attack to pour hot oil down on the enemy.

All I could do was take in the majesty of it all... I couldn't help but to imagine living here in this... what seemed to be like a fairytale but yet it was so very real... I found myself daydreaming about what it would have been like to be a princess 100s of years ago in Den Haag.

photos by Alex


Anonymous said...

Before 1806 The Hague was the capital of The Netherlands. Then in 1975 Napoleon invaded the The Netherlands. He instated his brother Louis Napoleon as king of the Netherlands. Louis Napoleon made Amsterdam his city. In 1806 Louis Napoleon moved the government to Amsterdam and made Amsterdam the capital of The Netherlands. When The Netherlands was liberated from the French in 1813 the government was moved back to The Hague but Amsterdam didn't want to give up its status as capital of the Netherlands therefore the compromise was made that Amsterdam stayed the capital whereas The Hague became the seat of the government again. There are parties in The Netherlands who want to make The Hague the capital of The Netherlands again just like before 1806.

Anonymous said...

Cool info! Thanks Rachel!! :D