Saturday, July 12, 2008

Follow That Dream

Last month, on Father's Day, just days before I'd join the 2008 EUROPEAN LEG OF MAGIC, I commented that this day was the day that reminded me of all the men who have let me down... and believe me when I say that there have been more than I care to share... but my friend, Kit, spoke up and said to me, "Bruce's music will never let you down." And she's right... it hasn't... so I better not let it down. I know what you're thinking "How can you possibly let Bruce's music down?" The answer is simple:

By not sharing it!!

When I think back on my life... the bumps and the bruises... the times that my heart was trampled and broken... at times shattered... times when I hurt so bad that I had to remind myself to breathe... times when I hid my pain, pretending to be happy... there was even a time when I couldn't face the world so I hid myself... inside of my house... giving my fears the victory over me... but I couldn't hide from Bruce... though I tried... I had stopped listening to his music... but it found me anyway... just like it has always found me... and this time, like all the other times... it held me while I cried... it held me until my tears turn into prayers... not letting go until my prayers turn into faith... faith that someday... someway... I'd have the strength to get up and shake it off! Or should I say: SHAKE IT UP BABY ~ TWIST & SHOUT

And suddenly I'm up and dancing to MILAN MAGIC!! I can remember being there... and connecting with something that was bigger than me... bigger than my fears and my pain... and that's when I remembered that I am in debt once again to Bruce's music... and so... I am dreaming of ways I can share it with you!!

But dreaming is not enough... I'll need to FOLLOW THAT DREAM... where ever it may lead.

Dreams really do come true!

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