Thursday, July 24, 2008

Secret Garden

I can't speak for all women... I can only share with you what my eyes see and my heart feels... so how is it Bruce... a man... can tap into the hearts of women and understand us so well... an understanding that brings him such power and popularity with women? What makes Bruce so irresistible and so down right sexy?? Is it his looks? Mmm... they are quite nice... but to me... it is the things that he says... With these words he shows us that he understands how we feel... he knows just where we've been... he helps us to imagine and attain what we desire... and then he shows us how to keep it. So what is it that you want? IF it is a woman... then one 3 minute record that teaches a man how to take that dream and hold it in his hands is Secret Garden. Let's see what secrets are hidden in this treasure.

On the surface Bruce tells us that it's the things you say that will get you inside... but there is so much more to learn from this song. How do you stay inside? What's more... how do you get deep inside? I think he shows us that it's how you say those right things... it's the desire that is behind the words. The passion he holds when he tells her that he wants to go down that path where there is "tenderness in the air" With a breathy voice he covets not only the sweetness of her garden but the parts of her that will bring him down... the thorns that will make him bleed. He wants all of her... not just the beauty but he'll take her pain... and he won't just take it... he'll break through with a hammer and a vice to get inside her... yet he won't invade her... going only as far as she allows... and then he is pleased just to stand there and admire her... grateful that she let him inside of her to see that she is everything he needs even though she keeps him a million miles away.

After the Magic tour ends Patti and Bruce spend a little time relaxing in Italy.


Mike said...

Gina, I enjoyed your blog. You are really a passionate fan. How many shows have you been to? I've been to 34 shows. Ever been to

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!
Thank you... glad you enjoy it!!

Well, let's see...
14 Magic, 2 SSB, 2D&D,
1 VFC, 2 Christic90, 2 TOL,
9 BitUSA, and 5 Darkness.
So only 37. I'm a rookie!

Yes I have been to !!

I enjoy it. Thanks!! :D