Friday, March 13, 2009

Listen To Your Junk... Man

Inspired by yesterday's rehearsal... a few fans went down to see if they could "get a glimpse" and a glimpse is what they got! And I'd like to take a moment to anal-ize Bruce's "JUNK!" What is this I see? Halo: The Cole Protocol by Tobias S. Buckell... (from the "official novels" of the Xbox game! A Tom Waits CD... (nice) but I can't make out the other two... btw, that is no way to treat your CDs, Mr Springsteen! I also see a half full (sugar water) bottle... a little brown black book... and oddly enough, a hair brush... very interesting "junk"... lol One other object I see has me puzzled... so... what's in the box, Bruce? Could it be the pendant that Stan writes about here? (probably not) But anyway... my analysis: What is it that they say about a messy dash? Or was that "desk?" Studies have shown that messy individuals are usually extremely creative as well as very friendly... which leads me to my request of the day: New York City Serenade! Thankfully... from youtube... the Reunion Tour: Aug 11, 1999

One of "THE GREATS" that I haven't seen "live" since 1978...

Another "dream" request of mine for THE DREAM TOUR!

Pics by Jeremy (bossfan55)


Anonymous said...

Great shots by Jeremy! Cool!

Hey..If the dash is that bad..
I can't even Imagine the floor!

mmm let's see..texaco road map..
a dog-eared Grapes of Wrath..
guitar pics and pizza crusts..some
old sock (whew!)..Ginseng tea
packets...Joe hill's Little Red

Anonymous said...

His car is messier than mine! It does make me feel better :-)