Monday, March 23, 2009

Boom Boom ~ It's Rehearsal Night!!

Excitement is in the air!! The Dream Tour's private rehearsals have rapped up and tonight is the first night that Bruce and the band go public!! Thanks to Hazy Davy for the great photo of Bruce leaving one of the (not so private) rehearsals where several fans had gathered and were treated by Bruce and the band with a little time for autographs and pictures! Thanks for that!! Many fans again were shut out of Ticketmaster... but one lucky fan, who was able to secure a ticket to tonights rehearsal will keep us posted!! I will be following the show live with some of my closest friends! Why don't you join us?!!

While we wait... one of my favorite videos from 21 years ago:

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Bar L. said...

I sent you a birthday message (yesterday) on Facebook, not sure if you saw it. I hope you had a wonderful one!!