Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Retreat No Surrender

I once read that if we were to all throw our troubles into a pile in the middle of us... as to trade troubles... so all could see everyone else's issues... we would chose to take our own back. I found that interesting... and probably true. There's no time in life to feel sorry for yourself... shit happens... get over it! Though not as callus as that... that is basically the message I get from this song... but there is also the need to get back in touch with those who you are bound to... to "hear your sister's voice callin' us home..." the sister song being The Ties That Bind... calling us home. "You can't break the ties that bind..." and as always I seem to follow the simplistic human perspective into the spiritual and feel that the promise of "no retreat no surrender" was made at the beginning of time... and lives from This Life into the next... and though sometimes we lose our connection... and unconsciously lose touch with that special person/people/soul(s)... "we made a promise we swore we'd always remember." The promise is to "remember"... so even if you break that promise and forget... you can't break the ties that bind!! Whether it's spiritual or physical... 10 years or 10,000... pull it together... "No retreat, Baby, no surrender!!"

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