Sunday, July 5, 2009

Point Blank

To suffer means... to endure... but how can I?? With only a few days until my plane leaves for Europe... I have had to suffer through NOT being at one incredible show after another. Frankfurt was no exeption... it perhaps being the most painful show to have missed... but now... thanks to a very talented fan... there is at least some relief for this agony!!

A very special THANKS to Bruce83Filming !! You Rock!!

Yesterday... as fans quequed early for the Vienna, Austria show...
Bruce stopped by for a 4th of July celebration the crew was having
and joined fans in the queue for pizza... photos and autographs!!
How cool is that?!!

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andy in Smithers said...

Thank you Gina for posting this tragic song that Bruce donated to the Vancouver City Police ODD SQUAD CD to raise funds and awareness for a city with a troubled Downtown Eastside. It is ironic such a tragic song can be used to aid community and build some hope for change..You ROCK Gina...just like Bruce!