Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The LUCK of the IRISH ~ For You!!

What a perfect beginning... here it was the first night of my "Dream Tour" vacation which started in Dublin and Bruce was already granting my number one request: FOR YOU!! Of course it wasn't my sign that won favor but that of a sweet European lady that I spoke with just before the show... thanking her in advance for her request. How happy I was to see Bruce take her sign. I was living a dream... havng just experienced "Who'll Stop The Rain" that surley this Irish summer's down pour would produce! And pour it did... for a good hour before the show... but as if Bruce and his band had the power to control the waters... the rain ceased... though the night remained damp as the music demanded the weather's respect!

Cover Me followed Badlands... and then we struck gold! My Lucky Day!!
How wonderful... what a great song... and what a nice thing to say to somebody! :)

Outlaw Pete is amazing... the scenes on the screens behind the band are wonderful. The team that Bruce has behind him are truly a dream team! I was in awe. It was a beautiful night in Dublin...

Because The Night belongs to us... the energy was just right... it was a happy crowd... enjoying every "ass-breaking" minute of the show but urging Bruce to take it easy as he attempts a second jump after falling during American Land... landing safely... Bruce slows it down a bit with Bobby Jean but quickly picks it back up with Dancing In The Dark... a real European crowd pleaser... then teases us a little before launching into a final song... and with the last note of Twist & Shout... Angie grabs me and reminds me we have to queue up for night 2... RIGHT NOW!! So we rush as fast as we can through a huge crowd... not getting anywhere fast and I feel as though it is useless... I've lost Angie and already taken too much time... but suddenly I look up and Angie is holding up her "Irish" Outlaw Pete hat and I head for it... (no pun intended) and it leads me right to the queue where I add my name to the list... I am number 47... or 74... I don't remember... but either way... not too bad. Rachel and Maaike are nowhere to be found so I get in line again to hold their spot... finally they arrive. The next day they take the rail on the outer catwalk and I take second row in front of Bruce & Stevie!! A quick burst of rain to cool the air and the party begins!! No Surrender/Badlands/Night!! And then again we get My Lucky Day... so perfect! The clouds hinted of rain... but remained respectful to the band's offering as they held back the waters. The sun broke through the clouds. Bruce pointed them out to Stevie as he sang "Gonna chase the clouds away." and like magic it became a sunny day. I didn't even mind that the crowd loved Hungry Heart... and found myself singing along. Youngstown sizzled in Dublin... Spirit In The Night / Prove It All Night and Trapped made the night special but American Skin (41 Shots) and Jungleland took us even higher.

What was even more special was sharing this great show with the wonderful people I had spent so much time with in the pit line... fans who were willing to pay a price to be in front... and now they were being rewarded. I can't remember all of the names... but I will always remember their faces!

As the show ended I looked up into the heavens...
silently praying for that "burst of rain"...

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