Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve 30 Years Ago!!

I remember the standing in line to buy tickets... the waiting... then finally getting our turn at the ticket counter. You see, in those days you had buy your tickets in person at Tower Records. The line had formed early... before sunrise... it was cold but the excitement kept us warm!! Bruce was playing the Richfield Coliseum in Cleveland for New Year's Eve and what a celebration it would be... if we could just get to the counter before the tickets sell out... the line was moving... we could only hope to make it in time... and then finally we did it! My best friend, Tina, who had turned me on to Bruce just that last August, was there with me as we counted out our money and purchased the last two seats! There was still at least 100 people behind us in line... I heard the heavy sighs filled with disappointment as they announced that the tickets were gone... but then before we could walk away from the counter the casheir makes the announcement that Bruce had just added a second show for the following night!! We were still standing at the counter and were now FIRST IN LINE!! We bought our seats: 3rd row center!! This would prove to be one hell of a double wammy celebration!! New Years Eve 1978... 30 years ago today... what a night... Bruce rocked the house... and we never made it to our seats... they were too far back... not that we cared since we knew that the next night we would be up front!! But we were having so much fun dancing in the aisles that seats weren't even an issue. We counted down to midnight with Bruce... he was in a great mood... but then just after midnight someone got too excited and threw a firecracker on stage... it went off very close to Bruce's face and he grabbed his eye... Stevie yelled at the crowd... he was very angry... but then Bruce calmed the crowd and asked that everybody please consider everyone else's safety before he continued the show with Point Blank... this was my 2nd show at the Coliseum... I had seen Bruce at the Agora as a guest... once with SSJ and once with Gary "US" Bonds and once he did a little radio gig... so if you count those times then this was my 5th show in 5 months... and I was officially hooked. It would make me so happy to share this show with you... although it is missing the encores and it was taped just a little too fast... here is the soundboard recording of New Year's Eve 1978 ~ Richfield Coliseum HAPPY NEW YEAR!! See ya next year!!

Wait... Althought I was not at this next show, I would still love to share with you... maybe someone was there that can share their story with us?!! As you know I believe that can't or at least shouldn't review a show that I didn't attend... but I can share it!! New Year's Eve 1980 ~ Nassau Coliseum!! Please have a safe and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Midnight Hour ~ Nassau Coliseum 1980 New Year's Eve countdown into 1981

Thank YOU, Bruce!!

(and an extra special "Thank YOU, to John Kelly for his amazing pics!!) xo


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lucky girl you are.
I really should wish I was there that particularly night. What a show, what a man, what a band and what a night.

Happy new year Gina, and keep up this fabulous job you are making on your site...

Terri H. said...

Thanks so much for this (popped over from BTX)...I was at the Nassau Coliseum show, pretty much delerious with the flu and a high fever but nothing would have kept me away. It was actually my second time seeing Bruce on New Year's Eve...first time was in Philly in 1975/6 when the band (but not Bruce) took the stage in top hats, white tie and tails! Thanks again for the memories, and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rune!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy New Year, to you, too!!

What a nice surprise!!
I've seen pics of the tails...
Now I know what show that was!!
That must have been an amazing night! AND you were at Nassau? You do know how to ring in the New Year!! :D

Happy HAPPY New Year!! xx