Monday, December 1, 2008

My Lucky Day / Working On A Dream

More from the newest
Bruce-confessed POP album!!

Bruce continues to pour out blessing on us as he prepares us for both his new CD "Working On A Dream" and his upcoming tour!! I'm thrilled that Bruce and The E Street Band will be hitting the road in February... but even more thrilled that Bruce has realized the value of internet promomotion!! It is so cool to see him utilizing the gift of cyperspace to promote his goods!! And when I say goods, I actually mean GREATS!! ;) As promised, by Bruce, this album is pointing to a collection of pure POP and just like POP is supposed to, these lead singles leave you "feeling good." Personally I think that "My Lucky Day" is wonderful... upbeat... encouraging... happy... and brings a great message of "YOU are MY lucky day" "YOU are special" "don't hide what YOU have""Come out and live and play and make my day lucky" I think it is a wonderful message of hope.

Here are the two newest videos... and links with pre-order info:

Working On A Dream

My Lucky Day

The MP3 of MY LUCKY DAY is now available for download here!!

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