Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanks for caring, Bruce!!

A good man wasn't hard to find tonight...

not if you were in Philly!

"We tried this four years ago... This time, we're winning." Bruce assured the crowd.
The 50,000 who showed up to support Barak Obama were rewarded with this "lucky 7"

1. The Promised Land
2. The Ghost of Tom Joad
3. Thunder Road
4. No Surrender
5. Does This Bus Stop on 82nd Street?
6. The Rising

What a beautiful soul filled public service announcement Bruce gave in support of Obama...

Bruce's PSA at the Barak Obama Rally followed by The Rising!

See ya in Columbus!!

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Anonymous said...

those 2 pieces give a real insight into what links Obama to the real people - the connective tissue that emanates from the founding fathers. It is also consistent with Bruce's message through his career - nice one Gina.