Friday, September 26, 2008

A Belated Birthday Wish

Though it's late... my wish for you is sincere...

If you will keep dreaming then I will keep wishing...
that all of your dreams come true!!

Dream Baby Dream

Speaking of dreaming: check out Bruce's 10" offer!!

"This ain't no dream: A live recording from the Devils & Dust tour..."

"(released on vinyl only by a small UK label) and it's official!"


Bar L. said...

Hi Friend, sorry I haven't been around much. Life is a challenging thing.

I love this pic of Bruce so much!

Can't believe he's 59...he's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hi, back atcha, Friend!! I was just thinking of you!! How nice to see you stopped by!

I agree... he's awesome indeed!! :D

Hugs and xxx...