Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shackled & Drawn to Europe


IN SHACKLED & Drawn Cindy says it best... "it's all about love, Love, LOVE!!"   Not about who jumps higher or sings louder... or who knows more about Bruce & his band... but it's about the love that we feel in and from a crowd, that love must be unconditional... and when it is that crowd's LOVE lifts the band higher, as we throw our energy at the stage to be used by the band anyway the band sees fit!   The fans welcomed me open armed with embraces that last even now, one month later!  It's not all about me, Bruce or his band, it's about US!  It's about LOVE.  

If you can find that crowd in the USA then you have found a rare and beautiful thing and you are truly blessed!!   I've found THAT crowd in 9 cities out of 9 visited in Europe this tour... a crowd that fed the band love, Love, LOVE!!  So "stand up and be counted" Europe!!

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