Monday, September 12, 2011

It's The Little Things... My Baby Does

It was about a year ago... the Darkness Box Set was just about to hit the stands when it leaked into my hands. Yes, I listened... unable to resist The Promise... and I fell in love with it. Soon after, I found myself face to face with Bruce as he shared his excitement of the upcoming release!! He specifically mentioned The Promise CD and how he couldn't wait for "you guys" to hear it as it was 20-some songs that we had never heard. I teased him, assuring him that we had already heard them... and he added "finished!" We laughed and I said, "Oh." adding that "I just love The Little Things My Baby Does" and he said that it was Stevie's favorite... he then added, "It's a wonderful song." and I agreed that it is.

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slydog said...

A wonderful personal vignette of a private moment between you and Bruce. Thanks for posting!