Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lucky Town

Regrets? I don't have many...
but the ones I have are real humdingers!!

1. I wouldn't have missed the 90's with Bruce!! This was by far my favorite "Bruce LOOK" and I really liked the "other" band! Although I didn't get a chance to hear Lucky Town, Human Touch, The Ghost of Tom Joad or any of Tracks till after The Rising came out, Lucky Town will always hold a very special place in my heart!! Why?

1. It doesn't snow in Lucky Town!!
(Winters in Ohio are a bitch!)

2. I built GREAT memories while living there!!
It was so close to Los Angeles! And Bruce was playing LA!! (1981-1985)
I was getting a little of that Human Touch & I got Living Proof x2! (1991-1994)

3. I just LOVE that look!! :D
(go ahead and watch it again!!)

Bruce once said that people don't listen to the music to learn about the artist but they listen to learn about themselves! That is so true. It's not about Bruce... it's about me! My site is not about Bruce at all! It is my place to escape into the music and I'm glad to know that you go there, too!! My blog is not a Bruce info center, though I do try to know what's up... it's about MY heart and about how a song or show made me feel. I can not read Bruce's mind nor can I say what he was thinking when he penned a tune... but I can tell you what my heart hears when I listen to it... and what it means to me! Hope you can groove on that!

Oh and yes, I was a blackjack dealer!! :)

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