Friday, February 12, 2010

"Happy" Valentine's Day?

What or whom decides what it is that qualifies as having a "happy" Valentine's Day? Obviously not all of "us" have been as fortunate and blessed as Mr Springsteen & Ms Scialfa have been when it comes to love and finding that "one true" (soul) mate... Do you know the love that I'm talking about? It's the kind that has the strength to last through the storms of life... a love that remains even when passion seems to have not... and in it's place is a strong bond of friendship. The same one that completes with conviction it's vow in sickness and in health. Wow... that really sounds cool, but as idealistically sweet as it should be... the reality is that not all relationships stand the test of time... some do not weather life's storms... as some "mates" have lost their desire and have moved on... to find new "love"... some have hardened their hearts... to become loners... while yet others have learned to live with a broken heart. The lucky ones have gotten over love and just enjoy every breath that they are graced with!! So what does Valentine's Day mean to the broken hearted? Is it a day to forget... or a day to remind yourself to dream... and like Bruce sings, "keep searching till ya find, that special one." where two hearts are better than one? I think of the lyric, "my daddy said right before he died that true true love was just a lie." As much as I want to believe for a "starry eyed" love... I think "Daddy" was right... but I also think that it's wonderful when two people can believe the "lie" together... and be happy thinking that they are in love. See... not all lies are bad! Where ever you are in your "love walk"... I wish you blindness... and the ability to believe that love is true... and I wish you the kind of love that you need... the kind of love that you were searching for. As for me... I'm not really sure what LOVE is... or what it is supposed to feel like... so I shouldn't even be writing this... lol

What I do know is that Bruce's "LOVE" songs break my heart.

Couldn't be love... could it?

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