Friday, June 5, 2009

Queen of the Supermarket

How silly of me to wait till Dublin to begin my European chase... I mean trip to follow the Dream Tour... and I was regretting my choice last night when Bruce and his band played My Lucky Day... and then dreams came true when "The Boss" granted a request for Queen of the Supermarket to a crowd of happy fans!! It was a lucky day indeed the second night of This Stockholm Dream!! It seems as though the "Dream Tour" is just beginning!! I think that this means only one thing (to me) and that is if Working On A Dream is what I want to hear then planning a trip to Europe was/is a very wise choice indeed! I can't wait till July!!

Way to go Bruce... I'm just sorry that you didn't feel comfortable enough in the USA to showcase your Working On A Dream material. Please consider forgiving us grumbly... silly Americans when you return to us at summer's end?

A special "Thank YOU" to Camilla from Sweden for the amazing video!! :D

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Anonymous said...

Your work is exellent...and like I said to you days a go the dedication and love to Bruce`s music help so many fans around the world to feel close to this magic band.
Greetings from Argentina