Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Are You Ready To Be Delivered?"

Bruce's invitation to Hershey concert goers echoed as he began yet another amazing Dream Show as thunder rolled down the tracks... With a roller coaster of a set list we didn't know where we were going but knowing Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band we knew we wouldn't be back!! No more sadness... no more fear... no more sexual frustration... as the band, led by it's fearless boss promised to rock the house down while building a house all in the same night... using both the good wood and the bad wood!! But they'd need us to make the noise... and make it we did!! This was one of my favorite parts of the show... when Bruce promises to bring the joy back! I thought to myself, "How did I get here?" and gave praise... "Bruuuuuuce!!" I laughed... as joy rose up inside... remembering when the American Leg was first announced... Pittsburgh would be the only "for sure" show I'd be catching here in the States... being only 2 hours drive... every other show would require a road trip... and I just wasn't sure where I'd be going... though I knew I was up for a few!! But I definately wanted to go to Europe again! Then when Rachel called from Holland... having her schedule open up for a visit in April she insisted that we catch a show... she didn't have to twist my arm... but it would mean flying to LA. It had been since 1990's Christic Benefit since I'd seen an LA show... and the last time I had been to The Sports Arena was 1984... when my sister and I spent a glorious week during the Born in the USA Tour in LA... I was a black jack dealer in Las Vegas at the time and we had traveled to catch a show... and wound up staying for 5! Lisa and I got to town the day of the show, ticket-less and had bought seats for two of the nights from scalpers... paying 5x's face for each seat! But it was Bruce and his band... they'd be worth it. We hung out at the stage entrance after the show... hoping to get a quick peek... I would never ask for an autograph... or attempt an approach... I just couldn't... but it didn't matter how chicken I would have been cause he didn't come through the doors... so we got in our car and got out the map and decided to go toward the beach to find a hotel/motel. That's when I looked up and saw the little handicapped guy whom we'd been chatting with at the stage door... swinging his hips as he walked across the lot... I turned my head to check out the size of the parking lot and then back at him... I couldn't believe my eyes. I imagined him getting clear to the other side of the lot just to begin his walk home... my heart went out to him and so I offered him a ride home... he protested... saying it was "very far away" and I insisted. As we drove and drove and drove he suddenly ask me if I would mind driving him to a friend's job so he could ask him something... lol... adding that it was "very far away." We had nothing to do and hadn't even chosen a hotel yet so what the heck... we started driving... and we drove and drove and drove... finally parking outside a very very nice hotel... he said that we needed to come inside... and that we should wait in the lobby... we ordered drinks and I sat on the couch... Lisa on the chair opposite... and we waited for our little friend. It wasn't long and we heard laughter... the door swung open and in walked Patti, Danny, Garry, Nils, Roy and Clarence! Patti came over and plopped down on the sofa next to me... we instantly hit it off and started chatting... we had quite the conversation before the guys got curious as to what we women were giggling about. Of course we couldn't tell them! ;) We had a wonderful time that week... I was looking forward to seeing Patti in LA... 25 years later... but due to a fall she had taken from her horse over the Easter weekend... I wouldn't get that chance. Hopefully she would make it back to the tour but... "darlin we can't stop this train..." and the Dream Train would just keep on rolling as Patti took off to heal from her injuries. But I had my ticket and my suitcase!! All aboard!! Badlands... Oops... we went further than 25 years... this was exactly how my first show in 1978 began! "You gotta live em everyday" 31 years ago... "I want to find one face that ain't looking through me... I wanna find one place, I wanna spit in the face of these Badlands!"

Bruce and his band were back and ready to rebel against these hard times... they plunged into Darkness on the Edge of Town... Bruce looked strong and the band eager to inspire their followers to dance... and shake off the bad news and the debts that are weighing us down... urging us... and reminding us not to give in to the temptations that Johnny 99 and Tom Joad surrender to... those forces that would have us destroy our own lives as well as try to stop us from dreaming... those forces that want to keep us sinking down in Youngstown. I stood in awe as Bruce let Tom Morello take the solo on The Ghost of Tom Joad... this song alone was worth the price of admission.

Equally as incredible, was Nils' solo the following night during Youngstown...

Nils was smoking as he burned the steel mills down!! Each night was graced with the splendor of the classics Racing In The Street (the first night) and Backstreets (the second) both following The Wrestler with perfection. Other Darkness treasures we got were Adam Raised A Cain... and Candy's Room!! Candy and She's The One are 2 of my favorites live... as they are sure to make any show hot!! SEEDS is simply amazing and quickly became a new favorite... It was a high all 9 of my shows! Bruce invited his friend Mike Ness out onto the stage the second night in LA and together they tried to jinx us with Bad Luck!! :o

Bruce is enjoying a segment he calls "Stump The Band" taking 3 requests each night... In LA he chose I'm Going Down, Raise Your Hand, and Spirit In The Night... and liking Raise Your Hand so much that it became the "song collection theme song!" And as you can guess... the crowd went wild when Rosie came out!!

The next night we got Proud Mary, Growin' Up, and Hungry Heart. Hungry Heart? Gag me! Redemption came again with Backstreets, Thunder Road and 10th Ave Freeze Out. ;)

The show was amazing... I met and made new Bruce-friends... Zach and his mother, Meg... Carin, treplow, Perl... chase'smom... Jeremy... I met up with Dana (#1 caller) and Sheila... bosstime (Lori & Rick)... saw ExJerseyGuy (for a second)... spent a great week with Rachel... and got to spend time with Greg & Nancy who kept me company while I waited for a flight out of LA... :o

How do you top 2 fantastic shows in LA??

Go to Philly? At least that's what I'd been told... many times by my good friend (Johnny)StreetScene... but I didn't believe it... that is till I saw it with my own eyes! What a crazy fun time... Bruce was in a great mood the first night... the show intensified with She's The One... but it really got hot when Bruce spotted a great sign for FIRE and ordered a spotlight to stay on it as he granted the request!

Then he teased that he was gonna give us "a taste of Philly" and pointed out a sign that brought a roar... and almost brought me to my knees! I never thought that I'd get THE FEVER again! It was amazing!! Then our 3rd request: Mountain of Love! We got our cake in Philly... and it was topped with icing when Rosie came out again!! It was hard to imagine a better show... so I couldn't wait for the second round!

Though I had a really bad call in the lottery and wound up in the back of GA just in front of the soundboard behind a tall bunch... I refused to let my heart sink as I fought to have a good time... then I stopped trying to see and just...listened... and since Patti had shown up, that gave Bruce the perfect opportunity to grant a request for Red Headed Woman (one of my least favorite songs) but the crowd seemed pleased... Our other requests were London Calling and Thundercrack... which simply rocked!! (I love Thundercrack!!) I also enjoyed getting the chance to see Patti and Bruce sing Kingdom of Days together... though I couldn't "see" anything... not even the screens... (I'm sort of short.).. but the show ended on a high when Kitty came Back!!

In Philly I got to hang out with Zach again! He's the coolest kid!! I also met the famous Dr Zoom (Mike) and got to spend time with Katherine and Natalie! Chatted with JoyinJungleland, sointobruce... saw and chatted with Roy and Hammerd... Saw Mike and Bob, Rich and Kathy, Jeremy, Cicile and all the folks at the tailgates! Thanks for the directions, Johnny!! lol

To be continued...

"Are You Ready To Be Delivered?" Part 2

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Bar L. said...

When I need to feel good I just stop by here....LOVED this can't wait for part two. I miss you! We need to catch up.

Your sis in Bruce,
Barbara :)

Gina said...

Hi Barb!!
Miss you, too!
It's so good to see you!
I need to turn on Yahoo more often!!

Gina x

Christina Forshay said...

Hi Gina!!! It was so nice to meet you too in LA! Your posts are great! Full of luscious details ;) I'm sure we'll meet again further on down the road as I venture out of LA to more shows...

Christina (chasesmom)