Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why Bruce Springsteen Matters

With accusations flying... Bruce's "heart" is in questioned... just what kind of person is he? From the outside looking in... one can only speculate... but yesterday I was blessed to read this very tender memory shared... and with permission, I would like to pass it on... for you.

"Opinions are like assholes, right? Everyone has one. Musical taste is subjective and personal and can't be properly debated. Everyone has a right to speak on Bruce and give their opinion of his music. However to speak out on the man and his intention and motivations, is absurd. I won't defend any position on his music, to each his own. I will however, defend the man. Bruce is the most unaffected and grounded human being I have ever met in this business, especially for a star of his stature and accomplishments. Now, my family and personal life is my business and I guard it fiercely. I do need to share a story that gives insight into what an amazing man he is, because I am forever in his debt and I love him madly. I lost my mother 3 years ago, it was a nightmare and broke my heart. She spent weeks in the hospital. Bruce owes me nothing and certainly didn't owe my mom anything. He would go the hospital and visit her, sit on the bed, talk, make her laugh and coerced her to eat. I would go there and my mom would say; "You can leave, I have my sweetheart here." and point to Bruce. He made her final days on this planet as special as she was. She adored those visits and it made her last days a joy. My mother had relationships with many rock stars, but none of them fucking cared, Bruce did. At her wake the first to arrive, Bruce. Most of my family in shock at the sight. This is a man with heart and soul and great compassion. He cares and cares deeply and that is indeed reflected in everything he does. I can rattle off stories about similar situations in our community, but that is up to others to share. Take shots at his music all you want, but don't take shots at the man. Few are as special a human being as he is, and in the end, that is what we are all judged by."

Jack Ponti
Merovingian Music Ltd.
CazzyDog Management
Visigoth Entertainment Holdings llc.

Thank you, Jack...
May your mother rest in peace.

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