Friday, November 21, 2008

Making It Real

I remember when I was a little girl my dad used to tell me, "If you don't dream then it can't come true." and so many of my "little dreams" came true... so many wishes granted... but there was one dream that was so great that I feared to dream it... so I hid it... and soon the adventures and challenges of life buried it... and without my dream life was missing the hope that it needed to inspire me to... dream... and I soon forgot what my dad had told me so many times before, "If you don't dream then it can't come true." Sometimes we need to be reminded to dream... and not only to be reminded but somehow inspired to continue to climb that ladder... and to not give up... to expect doors to open and seas to part... and for the heavens to make a way for our dreams to become real someday... and that is what Bruce's newest song, "Working On A Dream" does for me... It's simplistically beautiful melody is sweet... with a wonderfully uplifting baseline. This one leaves me smiling... and I think that it is enchanting to know that Bruce (who represents a man) is working on a dream and that he believes that the power of love can make that dream real. I don't know who decides whose dreams come true and whose get pushed aside... but I think that I will keep climbing... and keep dreaming.

If this is any sign of what the new CD will be...
then put on your dancing shoes and dip yourself in sugar!!

Countdown to Working On A Dream ~ Jan 27, 2009


Swapmeet Louie said...

WOW! What a site!!!!!! You've amassed quite a collection here... thank you for posting the news and tidbits about Bruce!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas!

Thanks for stopping by!
I'm glad you like my Bruce stuff!

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